Infographic • LDS YM Missionary Preparation

I made this list for our Temple 2nd Ward Relief Society activity next month. Wanted missionary work to be guilt free and fun!

What to (and not to) write and send to missionaries

Divine Nature. 10-day challenge from BYU

YW missionary infographic


LDS Young Women: Family Proclamation - Value Coloured. Glad I found this again - used it for a YW's lesson last time I served with the youth and when looking for it again couldn't find it.

My Personal Self-Reliance Kit checklist. What does it mean to be self-reliant? handouts from LDS NEST for Come, Follow Me

Prepared LDS Family: Moms 10 Week Mission Preparation Countdown. All the things needed to do in order to get a missionary ready, broken down into weeks.

This LDS Mom: Scripture Heroes: Stripling Warriors - more heroes on the website

Prepared LDS Family: Missionary Preparation - Oh I wish I would have had this PDF file before Jesse left!!!

20 of the best LDS iPhone Apps including: MormonTube Family Search Mormon Channel LDS Youth LDS Laughs Scripture Citation Index LDS Tools Bible Videos

Four ways we're blessed by following prophets.

LDS Missionary printables. These are great!

A new site created by a BYU student to help future missionaries learn more about the area in which they are called to serve in! Neat! :) #lds #missionary #calledtoserve

My missionary

Minute to Win It - LDS Style

Missionary checklist

great handouts for YW

LDS Missionary Countdown Blocks. Adorable!