i love the dorky flirtation of this picture!! The kind of relationship I would want :)

Flying Contraption | Joel Robinson





Same place, different time.


My gift to Gary for his 50th birthday...we are going on a hot air balloon ride this summer!

Build a ladder to the sky..........and climb on every rung. Dylan neutral notes

Love this picture! Sky cloud birds fly away run away free beauty pretty lovely

Barbed Wire

float on.

beautiful free spirit bohemian photography | Free spirit

Dirk Delbaere

summer balloons


reminds me of little nemo. such a weird creepy awesome kid movie

Will power is the ability to withstand all odds in order to get the results you want. It is allowing nothing to keep you from your dreams. Will power is the result of inner strength. It is the strength that stays when everything seems to fall apart. It is the reason you push forward when all others say there is no way. Will power is faith working in all the ways it is intended to work.....