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The "Charlière" Hydrogen Balloon - Frenchman, Jacques Charles invented the first hydrogen balloon in 1783.

1784: Blanchard's Dirigible by Chemical Heritage Foundation, via Flickr

balloon. Jackson Balloon Fest & Pics of the time Todd went up in a hot air balloon. Also reminds me I want to go to the balloon fest right near us.

When i was little our city would have a lot of hot air ballons fly on the same day. Being little this was such an amazing thing. We thought if we waved to them they were waving back.

Bballoons are like a story; fun, colorful, amazing, but they can pop and go away (stories will pop quickly if you don't write them down, imediately!)

Montgolfier Balloon Flight, June 1783

Poster by Toshiki Ohashi-Keisuke Konishi (illustration) for the collected works of Jean Genet, which appeared in Graphis Annual 1969/70

When you don't have nowhere to go, scape to the most high place you now, and them look the sky, how beautiful is

December 1, 1783 Jacques Charles and Marie-Noel Robert made the first flight in a hydrogen-filled balloon, flying 27 miles from the Tuileries Palace, Paris, France. Charles's experimentation led to the development of Charles's Law, which describes the direct relationship of temperature and volume of a gas. Read more: