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Lucky Talisman: The Curved Key

Traditional amulets When I grew up, my mum used to say that stones with natural holes right through them were magical, that they made it possible for people to see the spirits in the world, and that they would give the owner good luck. I still keep most of the stones I find with holes in them.

A feather is a gift from the spirit world. If you see one, undamaged by the elements, pick it up. You will be blessed that day through.

Hag Stones, tied in a series, acting pretty much the same as a witches ladder (where feathers are tied in) hung in the corner of the main living room protects against witchcraft from other witches and keeps inhabitants "grounded" (in contact with earth that is). One can also tell your troubles to the stones while rubbing or stroking them, earth spirits will then help in solving them.

The Common Stone: Stones from ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, prairies, fields, and deserts. This is really interesting.

✯ Amulet -To protect wearer from poverty, comprising several coins bound together into a circle with five coins suspended beneath and two above.✯

Drawings on stones. These remind me of Petoskey stones, fossilized coral found in Michigan. #Petoskey_Stones

❥ woodland cottage key

lucky stone (protective amulet) Following the custom in the Sussex, they were hung by doors to protect against witches and evil fairies and worn around the neck to worship the god of Luck.

Neolithic stone beads from early settlements in Sahara, North Africa, 5000 BCE

Wooden Spoon Wand for spying on fairy folk and making magic by PixieHillStudio

Magickal Amulet

paint a rock - use a clay tag with hole to wrap?

Keys & Locks: Mystic Symbols #Key Sterling Silver Pendant.

Crystals Stones: The Magic of #Hagstones.

Known as hag stones, holey stones or witch stones, rocks with a naturally occuring hole in them are said to give humans the ability to peer into the world of Faerie when they close one eye and peer through the hole. They are considered by cultures around the world to be a protective amulet when hung on a cord. The Irish say to have one is lucky; hang from a ribbon in your home if you find one.

key printable


witches ladder? or earth element hanging?

Fairytale fashion fantasy / karen cox. ♔ Keys with crystal heart

DIY tutorial on #engraving stones or #runestones // Anleitung zum Steine Gravieren, oder Runen