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An Officer of the 42nd Regiment of Foot, The Royal Highlanders, by Alexander Gallaway, signed & dated Edinburgh, 1809. Portrait Miniature.

1768 British Army Regimental facings and lacings at the Royal Collection, UK - In the 18th century, while the red coat was becoming standardized in the Foot Regiments, each regiment was marked by a distinctive combination of facing fabric and lacing around the buttonholes. This compilation shows those for the 41st-60th Regiments of Foot in 1768. A new set of regulations for British Army uniforms was enacted then, changing the cut of the coat and the colour of the breeches from red to…

An Officer of a Royal Regiment of Foot, c.1760, by Tilly Kettle. The dark blue facings of collar & cuffs indicate the sitter served with a ‘Royal’ Regiment of Foot, one authorised to bear the words ‘Queen’s’, ‘King’s’ or ‘Royal’ in its title. The gorget & crimson sash distinguish him as an officer, while the manner in which the sash is worn across the chest rather than round the waist, together with the absence of epaulettes, suggest the uniform pre-dates the Royal Clothing Warrant of 1768.