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Henry I in mourning at the loss of his son in the sinking of the White Ship, from a genealogical roll in the British Library. Article in comments [800x1257]

Presentation scene. Poems and Romances (the 'Talbot Shrewsbury book') France, N. (Rouen); 1444-1445. Detail of a miniature of John Talbot, identified by his Talbot dog, presenting the book to queen Margaret, seated in a palace beside king Henry VI, and surrounded by the court.

The Bedford Book of Hours is an outstanding work of late medieval manuscript art. It was produced for the wedding of John, Duke of Bedford, to Anne of Burgundy on 13 May 1423. This page shows an illustration of the building of Noah's Ark. Books of hours were popular medieval texts that included prayers, psalms and often beautiful illustrations.

The Harvest in August, Add. 24098 f.25v, 1520-1530, Simon Bening, Flemish

This inspired scene captures the movements of the animals as well as the huntsman attempting to gain hold of the tree. Attributed to Abu’l Hasan, (1605-08)