Memory heart with vintage buttons

Heart with vintage buttons

Shabby Fabric Heart Lace Heart Ornament Stuffed Heart Fabric Hanging Heart Tattered Cottage Style #ifoundaquiltedheart #IFAQH

yo-yo journal

scrappy hearts

Heart #3

lace earrings

Felt heart filled with lavender

Elizabeth the elephant. Upholstery fabric (ignorant about what a pain in the arse that was going be, moi?). Bell on velvet ribbon and vintage button on tail.

Henry the horse for a friend's new baby

Horace the horse for a friend's new baby

a headband, fabric stiffener spray, and a lovely little piece of lace.

loving those layers.

fabric art


Unsettled quilt by StitchedInColor, via Flickr

Sock Teddy Bear

Ruffle Pants

fabric necklaces

big blossom tutorial

Christening gown set made from wedding dress