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mmmm yummy

i want this hair!!!

Apply lines of acrylic-latex caulk on the back of any rug to make it slip-proof. Of course, let the caulk dry before flipping back over. Much cheaper than the no-slip pads you can buy.

Apple Slinky. I need to get one of these machines!


haha..this will probably be me



miggy likes the internet


Paddington Station, morning commute

take a leap this year :D

Always Kate


Thundercats - Lion-O

Conspiracy: Estudio de Diseño en Barcelona


loyaal - loyal

monogrammed clutch for the bridesmaids- love the quatrafoil print


Love this utility tote - perfect for Easter or Mothers Day and they are on sale in March!


It's all in the teeth.. I wanna correct mine!! When? Errr....

Mialn Fashion Week trends...

The Australian Government need to ban this cruel practice!