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    The kind of notes I leave for my kids :)

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    • Milinda Shelby

      I absolutely love this!!!!!!!! I had a sign in my laundry room....a little prettier than this that read "Dear Children, don't even think of setting anything on the new washer and dryer, or I will hunt you down and beat you like a donkey. Love Always, Mother"

    • Rachel Ewell

      I spend 1.5 hours cleaning this kitchen. if you mess it up... I will cut you. Love, Mom funny

    • Elysia Dean

      "I spent 1.5 hours cleaning this kitchen. If you mess it up ... I will cut you. <3 Mom" | Green Cleaning quotes Omg I saw this funny!!!!

    • Ariel Steegstra

      funny...I should make a similar sign. I hate it when you just clean the kitchen and someone goes and makes food or something, makes this huge mess and doesn't clean it up!

    • Tracy Zarzan

      I spend 1.5 hours cleaning this kitchen. if you mess it up... I will cut you. Love, Mom (I love this! I want a sign just like this that says love, your wife)

    • Ashleigh Milani

      This is so funny and SOOO how I felt a few weekends ago after spending 2 days alone just cleaning our home.

    • Landon Pegram

      i swear when i have kids and i just finish cleaning the kitchen, this is what i will do...

    • Kaylissa Voie

      The fact that any mother has even heard the phrase 'I will cut you' makes my life. Props.

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    I know, right! XC

    HILARIOUS. I am still dying here laughing. And no offense to Stevie Wonder; he would laugh at this too. I am going to put this on the next bad park job I see.

    You know it's going to be a good movie when all the actors have been on Broadway ♥

    these are hilarious!

    I'm going to use this

    Always wondered how I was going to approach this in the future... now I know!

    ;) Julie VanderArk


    That is hilarious!

    hahahahaha my life

    I literally cried I was laughing so hard!!!

    Haha! Nice try

    Why Your Best Friend Should Always Be Your Mom--As illustrated by Gilmore Girls

    This is hilarious

    I literally laughed out loud 1000000000 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    So true!

    so true

    Pitch Perfect.......I am laughing SO FREAKING HARD that I am crying...I didn't notice this!!! I don't know why this is so funny....and then I look at Marshall and he makes the same face on purpose....I am DYING over here!!!