The kind of notes I leave for my kids :)

Washing instructions Clothes Label says Or give it to your mother She knows how to do it. washing clothes in college away form mom,

my childhood


News to those "'90's" kids, I am sorry but if you were born after '95, you are not a '90 s kid, you don't remember any of this sh*t you just pretend to. Can you tell I am tired of the 14 year old kids saying they are 90's kids... They have experienced it all!


So my mom!

See I have a valid reason to keep my room cluttered :)

This is NOT true in my house....Riley can go and stick his hand in a mountain of stuff and come out with what he wanted. I struggle to find my keys on a daily basis

YES! NEED THIS!!! @Courtney Wall Wood Signs - Funny Signs - If you are going to act like a turd go lay in the yard

Too cute

This is from Bill Cosby Himself - his stand up. Good clean, honest & SO true. It's hilarious because you can relate to it all.

in public:)

So true :D



Haha too true

Haha this is so funny to me since my dad says the insanity quote all the time.

Love it!

I'm a great mom!! :)