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Purple Anemone Flower Ball


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Top Fall Flowers for Your Garden

Japanese Anemone A great cut flower, Japanese anemone produces large poppy-shaped pink or white flowers on tall stems at the end of the season. Note: This great bloomer can be a bit of a thug, so plant it where it has lots of room to spread. Name: Anemone x hybrida Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil Size: To 5 feet tall Zones: 4-8 Native to North America: No

from Better Homes and Gardens

Gorgeous Spring-Blooming Woodland Flowers

Rue Anemone In the dappled light of early spring, the forest floor is covered with the dainty white blossoms of rue anemones. Thin stems hold the flowers up to the sun like little umbrellas. The plant is easy to grow and incredibly charming. Name: Thalictrum thalictroides Size: To 8 inches tall Zones: 4-8 Plant it with: Virginia bluebell, Dutchmans breeches, and early-spring bulbs such as crocus Note: You may still find this plant sold as Anemonella thalictroides.