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  • Julia Che

    Perfectly Timed Photos

  • Riley Doyle

    High five a Shark Like a Boss!

  • Jackie B

    Someday I'll scuba dive and not high five a shark ( or have him high fin me, or bite my arm off)

  • Becca Louik

    one day i will face my biggest fear and get a highfive from a shark!

  • Alicia Franceschi

    High five shark! Diving with sharks is on my bucket list..

  • fate McFate

    Best Animal Photos: Stingray Photobomb, Falling Tranquilized Bear :

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magicalnaturetour: “What’s Up? Happy World Oceans Day!!!” by Ellen Cuylaerts :)

The ocean has beautiful coral reef, fish and is the most peaceful place, we must also protect this environment from dumping.

I need a Black & White canvas of this one... does anyone know the name of the photographer pleeease?!

Global scores for 10 Ocean Health Index goals - click to learn how to improve!

10 million pounds of trash was picked up at the Coastal Cleanup 2012. Here’s 10 ways you can help keep garbage out of the ocean:

Water is Life. Water is beautiful. Our job is to make it clean and pure.

Any imaginative cloud-gazers out there able to see a bird perched on a kite string extending downward from the star?

Look at that wind and wave action eroding the shoreline with such high energy!

The Ocean Is A Beautiful, Frightening Place