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Rajasthani cotton turbans - dyed by pleating and twisting called mothara

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textile art

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Linen 150X110

Hanging Slit

Hanging Quot

Green 1927

150X110 Cm

Stölzl Wall

Stolzl Bauhaus

Slit Tapestry

Tapestry 1927


Trendlandfrom Trendland

Zuza Mengham Sculpt Scents at The Conran Shop

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Sustainable textile: Woven paper & dyed cotton waste by Miguel Mesa.

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Painted-and-Dyed Cotton Panel, Indian Export, 18th century

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CHINESE DRAGON Designer Textile cuff / bracelet by VitalTemptation

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Mister Finch

By Mister

textile toadstools, mister finch

Teamb Tpt

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Bracelet Fingerless

CHINESE DRAGON Designer Textile cuff / bracelet by VitalTemptation

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Ruth Issett -- Colour Grid __ Exploration of energetic colour using dyed and printed cotton and silk fabrics, layered with hand and machine stitched. 2011

Etsyfrom Etsy

Handwoven Hmong, Vintage hemp fabric, textiles and fabrics- Table runner

Hemp Fabric

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Handwoven Hmong

Hmong Hemp

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Handwoven Table Runner

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Runner 49

Handwoven Hmong, Vintage hemp fabric, textiles and fabrics- Table runner,. $49.99, via Etsy.

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Jan 28 2014 | Mottaini1c

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A shima cho, or an antique book of weaving samples; it most likely dates to the 19th century.

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Ryan Homewares

Abigail Abigail

Frank Textile

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Josef Frank - Textile Designs