faux stained glass using markers on paper..then rub the whole thing with baby oil and allow to dry will become translucent

Faux Stained Glass Suncatcher Craft for Kids~ BuggyandBuddy.com

Sharpie marker + Wax paper = STAINED GLASS! Plus 30 more activities to do with kids for $10 or less...

Stained Glass Art - A super simple project that uses glue and food coloring to produce breathtaking results!

night woods

stained glass for kids

"stained glass" pictures by coloring with markers, and then paint oil on the paper to make it transparent.

Art Projects for Kids: 0 grade nice turorial.

white and clear glue mixed with acrylic paint to get stunning faux stained glass....maybe try acetate sheets >......

stained glass

marbling with oil and food coloring. Might try.

Awesome! The oil blends the pastels almost working like an eraser. Another winner with the kiddos.

Suncatchers and Stained Glass :: 39+ Ideas for Kids

Tutorial : Blending colored pencils with baby oil

"Stained Glass" winter scene made with contact paper and tissue paper

tissue paper stained glass

have each kid fill in their own head....words that describe them. things they like...

KID CRAFT: Make your own scratch paper for scratch paper art. Cheaper and better than the stuff you can buy!

Stained Glass Cardinal Pattern | Cardinals & Holly Medallion Stained Glass Windows

Abstract flowers in a vase