altering sleeves on a blazer

altering a standard sleeve to various styles

How to make a lined skirt, tutorial

Super simple tutorial on how to "skinnify" a t-shirt. I love this because with this process the sleeves are a little bit longer than normal. This makes me want to go out and buy a bunch of shirts to try this on!

DIY Audrey Hepburn inspired cape --- very easy directions (although I would make the buttons false and hide snaps underneath to make it even easier (and not have to finish the buttonholes). Only sewing would be edging.

If I can get something like this made, I will never see daylight again. I will be sewing and altering all my clothing into what I really want to wear. I can't seem to find anything in department stores these days.

SunnyGal Studio Sewing: Vogue 1143 Jacket, how I hem sleeves

Tutorial link for tons of cute clothes - tops, skirts, dresses, and also how to re-fashion, recycle & alter clothes you already own.

the way a sleeve works

How to shorten sleeves on a button up shirt

Wish I could sew

DIY alterations: How to slim sleeves + armhole & raise

how to shorten jeans without cutting them

Technique | Add sleeves/straps to strapless dresses | this is defintely useful

Dress alterations - slimming sleeves/armholes, raising neckline

DIY: Sewing/Resizing a Long Sleeve Blouse

petal sleeve - add sleeves sleeveless refashion alter shirt top upcycle

Pant Alterations

Armhole adjustments. Alter a pattern to fit by taking measurements from a well fitted garment.

How to insert a pocket in a seam -- even in clothes you already have!