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Jump! Leaping into the air is a primal act of joy. You simply can't do it and feel down at the same time. Focus on taking off and landing gently with knees softly bent,

Plyometrics- Want higher jumps, tighter moves, and more spin control? try these plyometric exercises! They'll put some spring in your step!

For those busy busy BUSY days, when you need a quick workout! Only 12 minutes or full body fat blasting

Here's a bodyweight workout that focuses on the muscles of your core: your chest, all layers of your abdominals, and your back. Strengthening your core will help all aspects of your fitness.

5 quick fixes for anything that jiggles? I'm going to have to try this.

Are you ready for belly boot camp? Do this exercise every day for 7 days for a tighter tummy!