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INSTAGRAM:@hotsoulstumblr Hi, we are Stella and Chris, anonymous 17 year olds! if you like men as much as we do, then you should follow us. I will update daily. Thank you! Don't forget to follow my other blog with beautiful girls at: This blog is NSFW

This is a blog for things I desire, love, want, need, find beautiful, admire, and especially things that turn me on. Over 18 only. All images were found on the web and believed to be in the public...

The whip dug into his back, breaking the skin and letting blood spill out. He snorted, steam coming out his nose and grit his teeth against the pain. "Where are they?!" She shouted again. Setting his jaw, Wendell laughed weakly. The whip ran across his back again. He spat out a mouthful of blood, mumbling, "You don't honestly think I'd tell you, /Odette/." The whip met his back yet again. He merely chuckled in reply. She raised his chin,; long, red nails digging into his flesh. "Oh if you…

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Běijīng (北京)

Detalhe de escada na Grande Muralha da China, ao redor de Pequim. ---