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Playdough To Platofrom Playdough To Plato

Free Hundred Chart and 10 Ways to Use It

Maths Fun - Free Hundred Chart and 10 Ways to Use It

First Grade Yahtzee - "This game is so funny to see how excited the kids get. All they have to do is roll 2 dice and cross out the sum. They keep going until they have crossed out all of the numbers. They learn the hard way how hard it is to roll a 2 or a 12"

100 things we have learned poster. Make on the first day of school. Each day add something! I'm gonna do this!

Math center idea for tens and ones. use foam dice so they don't make any noise. Student rolls 2 dice. The 1st number is for the tens place and the 2nd one is for the ones place. If they roll a 6 and 4 they write down 64 and then they draw the picture. You can add more dice for larger numbers.

Gone Buggy Game: Roll a number cube and put that many bugs in the jar. If they roll the fly-swatter, they remove a bug. If they roll the bug spray, they remove ALL their bugs. Whoever fills their jar first wins...We could play a cooperative version.

Fly Swatter Multiplication Game! Pick a table that you want to learn up to 12. Don't use the 0x, so that there is an even number of squares. Divide the poster board into 12 sections. Write each answer in one of the squares. Roll the math dice using the 7"s. For example you will leave one dice on 7. Roll the other dice. It makes and equation like 7x4. Say it outload "seven times 4 equals?" and using the fly swatter you hit the answer on the poster board!!! Very fun, highly addiciting