• Steven Carr

    Quite like these logos 'catch 5' and 'giraffe' no idea what they are for! but nice and clean #logo #design

  • Cat Hulburt

    if we go to the "RFC" idea, i love the block background and simple lettering. it would also be so cool to have the letters be other things (the g is a giraffe)

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Not sure where this store is located but I would check it out just because of the logo and store name!!!! Love me some creativity and thrifting! Thrift Studio

I think this logo does not go with the picture. I am not sure what the leaves if thats what they are go with the text.

love the colors, and how it is interchangeable while still be familiar.

Examples of evolution of corporate logos in the US. Evolving logos reflect and complement a brand's life and growth. Some steps are small others more daring. Done well, a logo change nurtures instant brand recognition and connection

"I've watched my wife, a graphic artist, pull out a notebook after seeing a shape or a line that caught her fancy so she could capture and hold onto the tail of that creative tiger! She'll hold on until a form emerges that she can use for her art or her book design work."

Jeremy Pruitt, aka Thinkmule, has quite the logo port­fo­lio.

I really love the one with the palm tree and guitar...The colors are very soothing...

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