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  • Linda Chumbley

    United Kingdom Literary Map

  • Sufi Be

    Looooooooove!!! <3 Brit Lit Map.....the poetry and prose of place. This literary map of Britain is composed of the names of 181 British writers, each positioned in parts of the country with which they are associated.

  • Shanna Early

    Literary Map of Britain and Northern Ireland. I have issues with their choices regarding Irish writers. Wilde is in England, but Lewis is in N Ireland? Flann O'Brien? Who even is Robert Greacen

  • The Fine Art Diner

    literary map of Great Britain: displays where your favorite writers are from in relationship to other British writers!

  • Gweneth Johnston

    Literary map of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, by Geoff Sawyers

  • Anne Marie Duus Gilling

    literary map of British Isles and northern ireland

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