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This is so me! Funny thing is, I actually dropped a can of biscuits one time in a grocerry store. The end cap popped off and the biscuits shot through the air like a torpedo and landed several feet away. True story.

I think my boyfriend knows that look from me and that statement ALL too well. "no honey, i'm not mad at you... i'm mad at what you've done and said... so yes, indirectly, i'm very mad at you." lol but i love him and wouldn't trade him for the world :)

Yep. Probably. Lol. This is the life of school

Top Tips UK: Remembering to do things in the middle of the night...

College Probs on


I'm not anti-social. I'm selectively social. There's a difference.

Seriously. You and all the crazy exes you claim to date in the past. Your friends. Everyone in your goddamn family needs help. Stop trying to torment MY family. They don't give a shit about you.

I'm playing that game where the floor is made of lava, so I obviously can't get out of my bed or I'll die.

So true... I don't wanna be a grown up anymore..