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50 G.O.P. Officials Warn Donald Trump Would Put Nation’s Security ‘at Risk’

50 G.O.P. Officials Warn Donald Trump Would Put Nation’s Security ‘at Risk’ - The New York Times

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MTV Artist To Watch In 2011: New Politics

I just discovered these guys today and I'm in love! New Politics


Election 2016: What to Know About the Presidential Race Today

Donald J. Trump tried to squash the latest controversy in his campaign, suggesting on Friday he was not serious when he said that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were the “founders” of the Islamic State terrorist group. 2 On the trail: Mr. Trump is in Pennsylvania, while Mrs. Clinton, Tim Kaine and Mike Pence do not have any scheduled public events. 3 Instead of attracting more voters after the conventions, Mr. Trump has been hemorrhaging support among loyal Republicans…

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WikiLeaks released a cache of malware in its latest email dump

WikiLeaks released a cache of malware in its latest email dump In its rush to let information be free WikiLeaks has released over 80 different malware variants while publishing its latest collection of emails from Turkeys ruling AKP political party. In a Github post security expert Vesselin Bontchev has laid out many of the instances of malicious links most of which came from run-of-the-mill spam and phishing emails found in the dump. While WikiLeaks has claimed the emails shed light on corruption within the Turkish government New York Times reporter Zeynep Tufekci has pointed out that the materials have little to do with Turkish politics and mostly appear to be mailing lists and spam. This claim is false. These emails have little to do with Turkeys political structure. Mostly mailing listsspam. Zeynep Tufekci (@zeynep) August 15 2016 In July WikiLeaks also came under fire for publishing private sensitive information of what appears to be every female voter in 79 out of 81 provinces in Turkey including some home addresses and phone numbers immediately after a bloody coup attempted to overthrow the AKP. As Tufekci noted at the time WikiLeaks has been reckless with data as well as personal information. At one point the WikiLeaks Twitter account claimed over 1400 emails in the earlier leak were related to Fethullah Gülen a cleric the Turkish government has blamed for the coup. In truth gülen also means smiling in Turkish and many of those 1400 emails containing the word gülen were actually advertisements for Mediterranean vacation destinations. In other words: it would appear someone had searched the dump for instances of the word without actually checking their context. When he launched the WikiLeaks project nearly 10 years ago founder Julian Assange pledged to bring about a safe era of ethical leaking. The groups recent approach however stands in stark contrast to their peers at The Intercept which has pledged to allow media outlets and other third-parties to vet the Snowden archive before unleashing it on the public. Via: Gizmodo Source: Github - Repost from: engadget Post - you can download ImmedTech app for android from link :

(NaturalNews) Genetic engineering is evolving into a whole new monster with the recent introduction of synthetic biology, a new technology that involves inserting computer-generated DNA into genetically modified (GM) yeast for the purpose of fermenting synthetic ingredients. But a coalition of environmental and food safety advocacy groups is hoping to put a stop to this latest abomination, which is expected to be quietly hidden in the food supply and labeled as "natural."

Diana West ‏@diana_west_ 19s20 seconds ago U know those 50 nat. sec. "experts" on latest anti-Trump group letter? Plutocrats worried abt their gravy train...

How Dogara Used His Office As Speaker To Collect Bribes from Government Agencies, Multinational Organizations -Jibrin

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Clinton rolls out more GOP endorsements, announces new group for Republican outreach

Five prominent Republicans are the latest to side with the Democratic nominee over Donald Trump.

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Mundell to put 'Scottish interests' at centre of Brexit talks

The UK government is to hold talks with key groups and sectors in Scotland, such as farming and oil and gas, on the impact of leaving the European Union.


The Undeserving Rich

hurting poor

The Democrats’ New Constituency: Criminals ~ The party always searching for victims has found new ones — criminals

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'We will kill you in your homes': ISIS terrorists threaten Putin

Vladimir Putin and Russia are the latest to be threatened by ISIS in a video published by one of the terror group's members ISRAEL SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE

Facebook has a new plan to bring cheap internet access to IndiaIndian demonstrators of Free Software Movement Karnataka hold placards during a protest against Facebooks Free Basics initiative in Bangalore on January 2 2016. Image: MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP/Getty Images By Vidhi Doshi2016-08-20 15:00:19 UTC Facebook is launching a new scheme to bring cheap internet access to rural India just months after net neutrality protestors blocked the companys plan to provide free internet to millions in…