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John 3:15-18 Hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and remission of sins in Him alone :) look it up

Nothing but LOVE can cover a multitude of sin... Jesus died so that by HIS BLOOD you are redeemed! Romans 10:9-15

Act Like Men Conference 2013 | James MacDonald, Mark Driscoll, Greg Laurie, Lecrae, Eric Mason, Matt Chandler


wow. just love this inspirational Christian quote. such a powerful (and humbling) reminder that the Lord doesn't call us to be perfect.

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I'm not a Christian because I'm strong and have it all together. I'm a Christian because I'm weak and admit I need a Savior. ~ Lecrae


People will always fail you, even Christians have feet of clay, but Jesus will never fail you. ❤️

The real shape of Love

Jesus said, "And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself." -- John 12:32, Testimony, Sylvester Stallone, Jesus Christ, Savior, Sharing, Doug Gazlay, help, salvation

Testimony. We need to be deeply "Rooted" in Jesus Christ. (Colossians 2:6-7)

Only Jesus can!

"I have learned that I will not change the world. Jesus will do that. I can, however, change the world for one person. So I keep stopping and loving one person at a time. Because this is my call as a Christian." Katie Davis

Jesus is my All

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Call of Duty: Spiritual Warfare Sometimes I don't want to fight..just crawl into a foxhole and rest :)

He became sin, who knew no sin that we might become His righteousness. He humbled himself and carried the cross. Love so amazing, a love so amazing! Jesus Messiah, name above all names Blessed redeemer, Emmanuel. The rescue for sinners, the ransom from Heaven Jesus Messiah, Lord of all.

LOVE is when a MAN wipes away your tears, even after you left Him hanging on the cross for your sins.