How to Plant and Grow Alliums

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I WANT!!!! escargot begonia--foliage is gorgeous!

Allium Gladiator bulbs - Height: tall 44" (Plant 6-8" apart.) blooms Late Spring to Early Summer. Full Sun, Soil Condition: Normal, Sandy, Acidic, Clay. Flowers the size of a softball on 3-5' leafless stems. Plant in groups of 3 or more for best effect.

Selection of cultivated Alliums

alliums and mexican feather grass... beautiful

Plant in the fall, Allium Gladiator (also known as ornamental onions) for gigantic light purple blooms!

Planting Crocus bulbs in lawn ~ my step-grandma did this with one in the centre, with a circle of bulbs around it- she planted all white. Perhaps I'm easily impressed, but I thought it was so pretty. The lawn is ready to be cut by the time the crocus is done blooming. Clever.

Everlasting Alliums! Next year I am growing these. Love this photo

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Allium: Zone 4-9.Partially sunny/sunny. Among the most carefree bulbs you can grow, alliums bloom in a wide range of colors, seasons, and sizes (from inch-wide heads to volleyball-sized bloom clusters). Alliums offer whimsical structures and great textural contrasts unique to the late-spring bulb garden. Clustered florets in a globe-shape flower head are held aloft on a thick stem. In the species, loose bouquets of flowers sprout from clustered, hollow stems.


Rosemary is the easiest to grow and it grows quickly, so if you're looking to add topiaries to your garden or porch, this is the best plant to choose! It's also easy to propagate, so in a short time you can have a lot of plants!

How to Grow Lavender gardening; planting; green space; regrowth; regeneration; reuse; propogation

✯ Bluebells

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All-weather painted steel alliums can really fool the eye. Set of 2 in your choice of Periwinkle Blue, Petal Pink or Purple.

spring crocus