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wonder about a feather merging into fern with koru piece of fern at top, and birds breaking away from sides

vintage tattoo. I see this and I think "That had to be one strong ass woman to be doing that then" #Tattoos

"Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul."-Marilyn Monroe

The.F.word: I WEAR EYEWEAR-V SUNGLASS HUT : Friday, 30 November, 10am Saturday, 1 December, 10am

Maori woman. The permanent blue stain on a Maori woman’s tattooed mouth symbolized female beauty among her people in New Zealand. The personal facial tattoo, or moko, communicated her lineage, social position, and marriage eligibility. Photograph from Iles Photo/submitted by Chas J. Glidden, circa 1919

This obviously isn't something I would get, but the style of art is awesome. Love it.

you have to be the right amount of tough and the right amount of girly to pull of a sleeve like that!

Your grandma had tattoos too. See, you aint that cool! Try not having any tattoos - now thats different!