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A leaflet enclosed with the Beans stated that they were also a cure for cirrhosis of the liver, blackheads, and all female complaints, and later they were mainly targeted at women, using glamorous pictures that now appear incongruous with the unattractive product name.

You can have it all. A shitty low paying secretarial job AND a crappy marriage where you do all the work. THANKS ONE A DAY!

Sick ad-Women are beautiful but DUMB AND SMELL BAD , good for one thing, their bodies. Ad for Deodorant

vintage lingerie color photo illustration print ad models magazine slip crinoline full skirt white blue purple green 50s

Funky Green Vintage Elna Ad... I wish I had my Mom's...

the Easter bunny. vintage ad.

Hot Strawberry delicious From Seventeen, June1958 Advertising cross-promotion between Cutex cosmetics and Ship 'n Shore clothing.

I must have this in my bathroom. The husband will be so excited. (At least she's showing a little leg.)

50s Ad. I may not wish bras were still shaped this way...but I definitely wish I could still get a bra for $4!!

i'll admit, i try to play the stepford wife at home, but this is just silly.

We always wear our Sunday best for barbeque ... and we love to drink boiling HOT Nescafe while sitting next to a burning grill on a sweltering summer day. #retro #ad #1950