This woman is an artist. 31 (million) ways to wrap presents. The whole website is unbelievable...

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Rolos wrapped in red cardstock, you're the bomb!

Make A Simple Card ~ Wrap Money With Paper & String, Cut Out A Few Shapes & A Happy B'day Sticker, Cute ~ Color In Flame & Wick

Shirt sleeve wine bag with a bow tie. Cute.

Older And Wisor: 31 Ways To Wrap Your Crap

Cut and cover a toilet paper or paper towel roll with decorative paper. Center in a jar and fill in around the roll with favorite candy. Nestle money or other small gifts inside.


great idea

Ways to Fold Money as Gifts

how to make a paper bow

Love the idea of giving someone a gift of their favorite color. Gift inspiration presents

decorated pringle cans make EXCELLENT boxes for gifting cookies!

Fun ways to give money as a gift

Mason jar gift ideas. This would be perfect for simple little b-day or Christmas presents. This site has some cool other ideas too!

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Father's Day wrappings...

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Fun gifts under $10.00! Remember this........... she has some very cute ideas.