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1963. Model Tania Mallet dressed in Polly Peck. Tania was Tilly Masterson in Goldfinger. Photo by John French (B1907– D1966)

Tania Mallet in white hat with bow by John French.

Pink chiffon hat by Pierre Cardin 1962

Tania Mallett 1960 Photo by John French

1165-TANIA3-HBUSJANUARY-1963.jpg (801×1165)

Tania Mallet wearing Venet's flamenco lace culottes sashed in brown taffeta, photo by Penn, Vogue US, Sept. 1964

Tania Mallet wears Saga blue fox full-length coat by Maxwell Croft, photo by John French, November 1964

Tania Mallet in black cocktail dress with chiffon sleeves by Frederick Starke, April 1964. Photo John French