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Circumference and Area of a Circle: A Middle School Math Hands-On Lesson

This Hub is about teaching Middle School Math through the use of a hands-on activity. The topic being taught here is circumference and area of circles and the hands-on activity is using two different types of baked pies.
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This 11 question worksheet asks students to identify the operation they would use to simplify problems using the rules of exponents. Once they find their answer they use the corresponding color to complete a coloring page. A great way to check for understanding and a fun homework or classwork assignment during the fall or any time of year!

Math in the Middle: Challenge of the Week

Mean, Median, Mode, Range with Legos

Using Number Talks in the classroom

Try a new approach to working with variables and equations by playing this tic-tac-toe game with your math student.

Top 10 Things Middle-School Students Wish You Knew

google-drive-guide could be useful!

This graphic organizer may be used as an informal pre-assessment, class practice, buddy activity, math notebook notes, or individual note taking for the Real Number System. The task includes a number "Sprinkles" bank. Directions: Students will first 'Sprinkle" the numbers on the ice cream scoops in order to classify irrational numbers, rational numbers, whole numbers, integers, and natural numbers.

Bulletin Board... love the burlap!!!!

Hot glue gun + polka dotted ribbon = quick and easy supply bin makeover!!

For math journals

Math Ten Commandments...this is funny and appropriate for middle school

Fast Times of a Middle School Math Teacher: Search results for group

Fast Times of a Middle School Math Teacher: NCTM presentation sneak peek!

Complementary and Supplementary Angle Notes

FREE 7th Grade Common Core Spiral Math Homework - with answer keys - 2 Weeks FREE!

Grab this freebie if you are you implementing Whole Brain Teaching in your classroom. This is the minion version of the rules.Please leave me some love if you enjoy this freebie! For more info Whole Brain Teaching, visit their site at www.wholebraintea...

Adding Integers Dot Game: make with no negative numbers

LOVE THIS SAYING!! Open House Bags for Students

Love this idea! While students are working problems, walk around the room with a handful of green pens. When someone finishes the problems correctly, they get a green star and a green pen. Now they are qualified to coach and star papers for other students, and so on, until everyone is done.

Common Core / 6th Grade Math... links to 7th grade and 8th grade

Can I make a poster of this for my classroom?! :)

Write the dimensions of pantry items on sticky notes. Have kids measure and stick the dimensions to the right objects! This is a great way to learn depth, width, and height/length!

Lessons with Laughter: Ron Clark Expectations Posters! Heather Patterson

Teachers use 'Gangnam Style' to make algebra formulas fun (slope)