Vintage Fashion and Glam

Mini Dresses--although we were not allowed to wear short skirts/dresses in school. Things certainly have changed--we couldn't even wear slacks/pants/jeans to school---dresses or skirts.

Jean Allen Fashion 1965 pink sheath dress bow belt beaded sleeveless wiggle mid 60s MCM mid century modern hairstyle photo print ad vintage fashion style model magazine mad men

Ad for JEAN ALLEN Fashion House from Elegance Oct 1965 (minkshmink) **monotone belt and outfit matchup

Dressmaking Inspiration: 60s Brights | Style Sixties

Late simple shift dress mini above knee blue orang floral green solid print ad models magazine Vintage Fashion: Sears catalog Junior Bazaar, 1968

1968 fashion - Why oh why aren't any designers making dresses like this?

1968 fashion - Why oh why aren't any designers making dresses like this? - Tap the LINK now to see all our amazing accessories, that we have found for a fraction of the price

Mary Quant designs, 1960s Manchester City Galleries

Mary Quant, born in London in is synonymous with the mod fashion movement of the She is generally credited with the inventio.


Flower Motif Dress vintage fashion style color photo print ad model magazine knit sweater dress mod go go boots twiggy graphic

1968. I would like to see a modern interpretation of this great look.

Survive today and stuff, with people and poise. 10 Dec, // Elegant Balloon Chair Girls, 1968 by MewDeep


My friend Ann and I had very similar outfits in Stretchy nylon tops and crimplene skirts.worn with coloured pop socks. A symphony in static!