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25 Simplified Helpful Photography Guides With Photo Cheat Sheet. Image shown is for Rule of Thirds.

25 Simplified Helpful Photography Guide With Photo Cheat Sheet | Wedding Photography Design

For all of us Manual Shooters here's a: How to use kelvin for white balance. Good chart from Laurie Flickinger, a contributor at "Click It Up A"

What the ... White Balance? | Boost Your PhotographyUnderstand what white balance is, how to use it, and how to get the picture you want

What the ... white balance?

Kelvin Chart - can print and keep it in my bag for reference during shoots

Go Beyond the AWB and take control {white balance basics} » Elizabeth Halford Photography {the blog}

Cheat sheet! I've always been a fan of manual photography. I think it's more impressive to TAKE a great photo than to edit a photo to be great. Don't get me wrong though, I like editing software as well.

To add to our discussion on staff photos at auntiekate.wordpr... , here's some suggestions on how to group your group. :-) Group photo posing cheat sheet

how to use kelvin for white balance..i'v recently used kelvin and it sure has helped me a lot...:)