white bike

daydream lily: Vintage style bike of my dreams

Baby blue basket bike - Ideal form of transportation for modern day Miranda.

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Sand and your bicycle go together for the best simple outdoors fun at the beach or anywhere really.

I always tell Dooder I want a bike with a basket :)

a resolution and a white vintage bike. Great selection of vintage bikes at Antiques and More at Staley Road Champaign Il

Beach Cruiser Bike

Beg Bicycle... In 1817, Baron von Drais invented an odd-looking walking machine, to help him get around the royal gardens faster

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Oh how I wish this was my bike, my day at the beach, my time listening to the waves, wiggling my toes in the sand, and imagining figures from the fluffy clouds overhead.

Vintage Bike. I must have this + a basket :)

the perfect bicycle

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There's just something about a sea green bicycle with white sidewall tires.

Maybe I'd actually exercise if I had this. Just kidding-it would stay in this exact spot looking pretty

Yup. Brooklyn Cruiser Bikes Offer a Smooth Ride, Carrying Capacity and an Old School Look

Joy of Spring. Almost like my Jamis Boss Cruiser, a retired Block Island rental...

i want the bike and the sweater

I actually want to find a white leather seat with matching grips but I can't find them anywhere and it would be an even cuter idea to have a name on the back of the seat

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