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    The Philosopher's Ring Gold - "The Philosopher's Ring" is a modern take on the 17th century philosopher Baruch Spinoza's own signet ring. The ring is a symbol of courage, bravery and self-belief. It is meant to inspire the wearer to be confident and to hold on to his own beliefs (just like Spinoza did in a hostile environment).

    Hungarian, 17th century.

    17th Century Gold & Emerald Earrings from Morocco

    Hungarian, 17th century, Rings.

    Hungarian, 17th century

    Pendant in the form of a seated cat; late 16th - early 17th century

    Viking's freedom bracelet silver - A Powerful Symbol of Freedom and Leadership. This bracelet was made for the purpose of finding your own path of freedom and to focus on your own inner fire throughout your life's journey. This bracelet design is inspired by Viking culture. The Vikings pioneered trade, exploration and colonization of new lands for over 300 years before any other european power.

    Hungarian, 17th century; gold pendant with emeralds, rubies and diamonds and polychrome enamel.

    Hungarian, 17th century, Jewellery Hungarian National Museum,Budapest

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    Hungarian, 17th century, Jewellery @ Hungarian National Museum - Budapest

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    Double chevron ring

    Vintage engagement ring

    Forget-Me-Not Floral Ring

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