3D snowflakes, pipe cleaners and beads

An ornament tutorial

easy Christmas wreath...I think I've pinned this before

Pipe cleaners

Although these oversize snowflake streamers look delicate, they're made from a sturdy material that allows them to withstand wet weather.

10 pipe cleaners - wrap 9 long pipe cleaners, add beads, they will stay where placed. Use smaller oned on a few of the ends.

Use pipe cleaners and Cheerios to make a bird feeder. | 17 Easy Emergency Mother's Day Crafts For Kids

Use a simple, decent sized image. Place wax paper over template. Cover wax paper with dish detergent mixed with water. Trace image using a continuous stream of glue. Dry, peel from paper. If paper sticks, run under cold water. Add more glue to any weak spots. Cover with Mod Podge. Cover with glitter. Add a hanger.

Happybird's Crafting Haven: Snowflake Ornament Tutorial

Fabric wrapped Candy Canes

How to make Christmas Bows easy

Pipe-cleaner Snowflakes . . . a perfect winter craft for even the youngest kids (supervised of course) . . . have fun!

Beaded Christmas Bauble - Using Pipe Cleaners, Beads and a Balloon! A great fine motor activity too.

Pinterest Easy Crafts | Friday Five: Easy Christmas Crafts | Christmas crafts for school

snowflake made from puzzle pieces, add some glitter

Candy Cane Ornaments Heres an easy craft to do with children: Create pipe cleaner candy canes to hang on your Christmas tree...

What an easy craft to do!!! The ornaments are so beautiful!

An easy and fun craft to make with the kids: Pipe cleaner "crystal" ornaments. #Christmas #craft