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Standing Heron

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Graceful Heron

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Heron Outdoor

Garden Oasis

Frontgate's Standing Heron Outdoor Statue showcases a graceful heron standing amidst a circle of reeds. A beautiful addition to your garden or patio.

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Our regal Brass Herons are a sight to behold on the lawn, in the garden, or by the water's edge.

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Vessel Outdoor

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Standing a grand 30" tall, this Apian Vessel Outdoor Planter is an imposing garden urn.

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Outdoor Pedestal

Garden Pedestal

Liberick Pedestal

Pedestal Frontgate

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Orlandistatuary Fluted

Our Liberick Outdoor Pedestal is a fitting foundation for showcasing any garden planter or statue.

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Majestic Gothic

This majestic Gothic Fountain lends serenity and grace to your garden with its soothing water feature.

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Zen Resting

Resting Garden

Inspired by the shades of the sea, our exquisitely detailed Serino Painted Planter with Handles brings a burst of cool color to your sunroom, patio or garden. | Frontgate: Live Beautifully Outdoors

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Add beauty and grace to your garden with our Swan Grande Planter.

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Detailed Serino

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Handles Brings

Inspired by the shades of the sea, our exquisitely detailed Serino Painted Planter with Handles brings a burst of cool color to your sunroom, patio or garden. | Frontgate: Live Beautifully Outdoors

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Our Sweetheart Cranes Outdoor Statue showcases a pair of charming cranes entwined in a loving embrace- perfect for decorating your lawn or garden.

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Green Chateau

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Easton Manor

Sculpture Bears

One of the Roman personifications of the four seasons, our Lady Fall Outdoor Sculpture bears the fruits of the recent harvest as she adds a touch of classical elegance your garden and grounds.

Finest Composition

Composition Stone

Hawthorne Bench

Skillfully Reproduced

1915 Philadelphia

Terracotta Original

Barbara Israel

Pinstantaneous Pt

Elegant Seating

The Hawthorne Bench from Barbara Israel provides elegant seating for the garden. Made from the finest composition stone, this bench is skillfully reproduced from a 1915 Philadelphia-made terracotta original.

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The Lip


Get more in-tune with nature with this garden log stool

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Urns Outdoor

With dimensional ribbon festoons and intricately detailed, scrolled handles, the exclusive Triumph Estate Urn bespeaks the sophistication of Classical antiquity.

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Acorn Finial

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Punctuate points of interest around your yard with these Acorn Finial Garden Statue.

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Lucio Outdoor

Regal Feeling

Front Gate

Give your front door a regal feeling with our Lucio Outdoor Planter. This dramatic piece evokes the feeling of a lush Versailles garden without the heavy weight of a traditional cast-stone planter.

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All the romance and history of a Provencal garden, captured here in our gorgeously detailed urn collection

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Flower Container

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This refined Florentine Garden Collection enhances your outdoor space with delicate scrollwork and a hand-applied verdigris finish with gold highlights.

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Sonoma'S Three

Flowers Outdoor

A steady stream of water flowing from Sonoma's three tiers makes this fountain the perfect focal point for any home or garden.