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i love pickle martinis but no one dares to try them with me. they're perfect with a cheeseburger

It's, like, my favorite drink...Dirty Martini (vodka).

The Perfect Martini (if it's not extra dirty, it can't be perfect) - haha ;)

8 seriously amazing Halloween cocktail recipes: A little dry ice makes the La Llorona extra spooky

Dirty Pickle Martini - a play on a classic dirty - spicy pickle juice makes all the difference!

Dirty Vodka Martini Shooters / 30 Oscar Worthy Recipes and an Academy Awards Party Hosting Guide

Sometimes the easiest drink recipes are the best. Made with quality ingredients, even the simplest drink can be made into something special. The real key to a great martini is in the shake (according to my expert). It is important to use large ice cubes so they will break up and create the infamous ice shavings on top, otherwise known as being “on skates.” Shake for longer than you would think, if necessary.

Martinis | it isn't wine but I like this picture of martinis lined up