Bring classic style and beautiful foliage to your outdoor space with the Antique Hanging Planter with Coco Liner.

The Modern Dewdrop Hanging Planter - Planter, diy, Home Decor, Gift , Hanging Terrarium, Modern, Plant

Hanging succulent planter

hanging planters

hanging planter. love this.

hanging succulent planter

Bring the beauty of Italy to your outdoor space with the Florentine Lattice Etagere; an intricate design that proudly displays your favorite foliage.

Fern in a hanging basket, i like it

Hanging Wine Bottle Planter with Corks

Ragna - Hanging Planter Chartreuse

Bring in a wicker basket (preferably at least 12" round) and convert a hanging basket to a Mother's Day Planter

DIY Mason Jar Hanging Planter - Great Tutorial! #planter

BITTERGURKA hanging planter - Use a single one or hook a few planters together to create a vertical herb garden indoors. Hang your herbs by a window, then unhook and bring to the table or cooking pot for fresh herbs with every meal.

Bring the playful reverie of childhood and the sweet bonds of sisterhood to any outdoor space.

Our robust Lowe Planters bring an imposing and smartly dignified ambience to garden and patio spaces.

Whether by landscaping or seaside, our Seville Lanterns bring classic warmth to outdoor spaces.

Tiered Hanging Basket

Our Blue and White Painted Tabletop Planter is an indulgence in ornate foliage, exotic birds and ceramic tile designed artistry. | Frontgate: Live Beautifully Outdoors

Inspired by the shades of the sea, our exquisitely detailed Serino Painted Planter with Handles brings a burst of cool color to your sunroom, patio or garden. | Frontgate: Live Beautifully Outdoors

We like the simplicity of pairing these modern Outdoor Wall Planters ($70) with succulent varieties for a crisp white and green palette.

Handpainted ornate foliage lifted from a prosperous Oriental garden bursts from the neutral background of our Pascala Planters.