Bring the spirit of the Mediterranean to your outdoor space with the intricately designed and masterfully constructed Provence Urn; a beautiful place to house all your favorite florals.

Elements of a French Garden | Frontgate: Live Beautifully Outdoors

Potato grow bag. I grew sweet potatoes in my tub garden last year, worked great!

blue hydrangea. My favorite! cc

Beautiful backyard landscaping ideas


Ancient Boxwood Garden, Verona, Italy

How to easily add privacy to a yard, deck or patio - great for urban dwellers or folks that live in older, squishy (houses close together) neighborhoods.

8 Stunning Container Gardening Ideas!

Pretty Salvia sylvestris (May Night) in aged clay pots, blooms all summer

Fall Front Porch and Fabulous Urn Planter - Fox Hollow Cottage

Outdoor dresser.

Wisteria creates the "ceiling" of this patio, designed by Patricia Wagner.

Mosquito-repelling plants for your deck.

This wirework urn was planted with a single 10 inch basket of mini-petunias. The vinca will reach the ground in another few weeks.

beautiful window boxes - wrought iron detail enhanced by delicate flowers above

Howard Design Studio

Boxwood with clusters of petunias


Tempo da Delicadeza

lovely nook