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Bring the spirit of the Mediterranean to your outdoor space with the intricately designed and masterfully constructed Provence Urn; a beautiful place to house all your favorite florals.

Bring the beauty of Italy to your outdoor space with the Florentine Lattice Etagere; an intricate design that proudly displays your favorite foliage.


Veneto Urn - Frontgate

A stunning reproduction of an early 19th-century design from Florence, Italy, our Veneto Urn brings a touch of the ornate to any garden or outdoor seating space.

All the romance and history of a Provencal garden, captured here in our gorgeously detailed urn collection


Triumph Estate Urn - Frontgate

With dimensional ribbon festoons and intricately detailed, scrolled handles, the exclusive Triumph Estate Urn bespeaks the sophistication of Classical antiquity.

Sit back and relax in a beautiful place, right in your backyard.


Apian Vessel Outdoor Planter - Frontgate

Standing a grand 30" tall, this Apian Vessel Outdoor Planter is an imposing garden urn.

Bring the playful reverie of childhood and the sweet bonds of sisterhood to any outdoor space.