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Elven haversack Middle Earth, Tolkien Silmarillion LOTR, "I began to do such backpacks for myself first, because I needed style, that is exquisite, but somehow handy and cozy - to be a queen and to run in the forest in the meanwhile :)"

Tolkien, illustration, Silmarillion, fantasy art, painted scarf, green, Yavanna, cute animals, Lady Spring, painted animals, silk painting

Elven Leaf Kette mit Labradorit - gemacht mit ein echtes Blatt - Silvan Leaf - Artisan handgefertigt mit Recycling-Silber - Wald - Wald

Felted cuffs Felted gloves - Arm warmers - Felt bracelets - Spring Forest - RESERVED

Wood Nymph Pyxii Hoodie. RESERVED for WonderPeople xo

Fairy Costume Corset - Woodland Fairy Costume Top - Earth Faerie corset - Mother Nature

Fairy Vest - Pixie Vest - Forest Vest - Elf Vest - Woodland Vest - Elven Vest - Faerie Vest - Festival Vest - Costume -Tribal Vest - Nomad