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Women's Healthfrom Women's Health

10 Healthy Tips To Change Your Life in 10 Seconds or Less

Put $1 in the jar every time you work out. Set a goal for yourself (say $100) then use that to treat yourself with a new outfit or a massage :)

Workout tip jar. After each workout, tip yourself $1. After 100 workouts, treat yourself to new shoes or clothes or massage... BEST IDEA EVER! :) I think I will start this tomorrow...

Lauren Conradfrom Lauren Conrad

Fit Tip: Keep a Motivational Money Jar!

Motivational Money Jar - Instead putting money in for workouts, put money in for every day you don't eat ___. (Mine will be chocolate) :P

"Muffintop-less is the most motivating blog with AMAZING workout tips for women. She explains why you might not be seeing results, how to change up your routine, and fallacies about using light weights and more! ♥"


Monday Morning Motivation

1.) get dressed for workout...motivated? 2.) look in the that usually works!

SCSU Campus Recfrom SCSU Campus Rec

Create Your Motivation Wall

Staying determined is the number-one biggest struggle for many people that are trying to each their fitness goals. By creating a motivational wall with quotes, a pound-count down and results you wa...