True Gangsters.

You are not a real gangster! This is what real gangsters look like. Now pull up your pants

In 2012, the American public LOST ITS SHIT.

No more bacon motherfuckers. What matters most is not talked about people don't know or find out. crappy shit like twinkies are threatened with extinction and the world goes crazy.

Things that ruin your day

Things that ruin your day

25 Problems That Desperately Need To Be Solved In I hate when there's nothing in my pizza roll!

Only one can live while the other survives. (This would be funnier to you if you had read Harry Potter)

Funny Music Ecard: Justin Timberlake is making a comeback and Justin Beiber is finally at his breaking point. There can only be one Justin. Love me some JT!

My little cousins got these for Christmas and I said the exact same thing.

Those games look familiar…

I'm pretty sure those are called Pictionary and Scrabble. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought these "new" board games seemed familiar.

Kat - Yes. Yes. Yes!

Curvy Actress Kat Dennings of 2 Broke Girls cracks the curvy girl quote of the day, “I tried being anorexic for four hours and then I was like, I need some bagels.

so true

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Funny pictures about When siblings fight. Oh, and cool pics about When siblings fight. Also, When siblings fight.

I love Justin Bieber, but I got to say this is funny.

Don't bring a girl to the NBA finals, she'll get bored. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Say no to the Apple lol. I can't stop laughing ... hahahahahaha!!! LOL!

Funny pictures about Beware Of The Fairy Tale Witch. Oh, and cool pics about Beware Of The Fairy Tale Witch. Also, Beware Of The Fairy Tale Witch photos.

 hehe ~ I want to say this to someone. If I wanted to see your underwear, I would pull your pants down myself....

Pardon me, Sit Gangster? Your trousers are descending. Haha so proper:)