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Like a Nile crane, a Dinka warrior stands guard on one foot. His corset will stay in place day and night, only being changed for one of a different colour when he progresses on to the next age set | © Angela Fisher, from her fabulous book, Africa Adorned.

Africa | Portrait of a smiling Erbore girl. Omo valley, Ethiopia | © Johan Gerrits

Africa | Libyan woman photographed during the Daraj Festival | © Ibrahim Omran

This photo by Flickr user (Dogan56) entitled Ragazza Fulani, Nigeria is one of the few pictures that I have found that shows so beautifully an example of old Venetian 'Agate' glass beads from the African Trade. Venetians made these large glass beads to trade with the Yoruba. They're milky white, semi-translucent with veins & look like stone. If by chance they were stone, they would be white Indian Agate beads, which would also have come to Africa through the trade routes.

Africa | Dassanech portrait. Omo Valley, | © Claude Gourlay

The people with no name, Mumuhuila tribe - Angola - Photo by Eric Lafforgue.

Africa | Beautiful Suri girl in Kibish. Omo Valley, Ethiopia | ©Dietmar Temps


Africa | Thoningele - a wonderful Mumuhuila mother. Angola | ©Mario Gerth

Africa | Portrait of a Himba Girl. Namibia | © Gabi ~ gvst* on flickr

Africa | Tsemay man at Key Afer a quiet village in Omo valley - except on Market day, Ethiopia | © Eric Lafforgue

Beautiful, graceful woman in Burkina Faso carrying a large bowl and grasses on her head