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  • Sheila Harrison

    Young Teacher Love: Math and ELA Student Data Tracking Binders and a Freebie!!

  • Melisa Mendez

    Young Teacher Love: Open House Goodies and A Classroom Tease!!

  • Amber Noe

    5th grade teachers blog

  • Tamara Trubee Upper-el 5th grade blog! Great ideas for data notebooks. I wish it was third grade.

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Very nice site by a teacher - lots of lists, etc. Very helpful for teachers and students

I teach 5th grade. I am always looking for ideas from other 5th grade teachers and their teaching experiences.

"My classroom :)" awww... bet you love this Julie Barnden and Renee Barnden

Would need to adjust to our 4-3-2-1 scale, but I like the idea behind this anchor chart

beyond the grades: teacher binder. Great ideas of things to include! this is brilliant!!

Written by a 5th grade teacher, it simplifies the grading process, making it easier on the teacher, and the students more accountable!

Getting Started with Whole Brain Teaching: - I use this for my class and it works at every level. It's simple, straight forward. I especially love that after I teach them and students for example call out (cause that never happens!!) instead of scolding, I simply say, "class? What's rule number 2?" and we move on

Just the thought of doing a research project is enough to send some students into a permanent state of shock, (and fill teachers with dread!). End the fear with this fun and easy method of organizing and writing research projects. Once I started using this method with my own students, they started doing one research project after another on their own! $