I don't know what this says but it seems simple enough.

This is the pin Hilary. But mine is just wadded up in the back before I pinned the curls over it haha. You can do it!

So easy

How-To Guide to Hairstyles


Really cute, and easy!

Easy messy do

5 Minute Curls- I (Audrey) have done this and it's actually turned out to be some of the best curls I've ever had. It's quick, easy, and turns out great, especially for layers.

the Gibson tuck. #hairstyles

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Easy braided ponytail hairstyle. I've done it before and it takes about 5 mins or less to-do.

Cute and simple twist updo for medium-length hair

This gorgeous style looks anything but 'simple'... Until you look at the great instructions & photos of each step!! It is super rare that the 'step by step' process is code for step a to j in 1 step followed then with cryptic instruction which makes little sense - IMO this is NOT the case here though :)

Retro Bouffant ... She makes it look so easy!


french roll and twist tutorial


Easy updo? Easy for people who can operate a bobby pin without injury...

The Bouffant Bun