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The halls of this building represent contrast. This hall is dark to begin with. Luckily, the windows provide the light and makes this photo unique. The other element that makes this different is that it was taken in black and white. The shadows are now very noticeable. It has that look that makes it curious.

Lucien Hervé - Paris sans quitter ma fenêtre (Les Cyclistes), 1948

Herbert Dambrowski - Light over Altona, 1955 (Do you suppose they were trying to keep warm? Just thinkin' about this shot...)

by Raven van Baak Most probably my favourite image. I love in particular, how the natural light has streamed down, then bounced around the space, creating the shape and design of the shadow.

Manifesting at this stage is not about physical force. It is a deep understanding and full embodiment of the understanding that you are first a nonphysical being only residing in this physical world. Everything that your heart is beckoning you to create in your life is birthed from this nonphysical aspect of yourself. Your thoughts, passion, intent, belief, and creativity. Once the creation is complete in the realm of the nonphysical, it will manifest into your physical reality. Unseen to seen

This looks like our vintage studio (before we filled it all up with pretty stuff)

A piece from Spring / istevenxue on Flickr

Symmetry and order from the lines and window, with the suggested subject of a palm inserted through the use of its silhouette - genius shot!

Patchwork shadows by Isabella Connelley, via Flickr

The light...not exactly something i can tell my future house's realtor that I want in my future house.