Giraffe brigade....

Rush Hour in Africa LOL. notice the zebras reaction in the left top corner of the photo, he's like, "whoa, giraffe stampede, i'm outta here!

La Majestuosa Belleza De Animales Salvajes Capturadas En Estas Preciosas…

La Majestuosa Belleza De Animales Salvajes Capturadas En Estas Preciosas Fotografías

Marina Cano is a super talented wildlife photographer, who captures stunning wildlife on photo. Marina believes that she has a …

Mother's Love

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Mountain goats can climb!

Funny pictures about Religious goat. Oh, and cool pics about Religious goat. Also, Religious goat photos.


Family of Giraffes ~ photo by Peter Holme III.Look at that beautiful sky behind them!

Africa | Gerenuk, also known as the Waller's gazelle. Samburu National Park, Kenya | ©Michael Sheridan

The gerenuk, Litocranius walleri, also known as the Waller's gazelle, is a large eyed, long-necked species of antelope found in dry thorn bush scrub and desert in East Africa.

mt. kilimanjaro, tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania- I was told this is predicted to diminish within our lifetime, and that you experience all 4 seasons climbing up the mountain/volcano!

omigoodness!!  Is this real?  I need a tiny pet giraffe if it is.

Petite Lap Giraffes - Who Wouldn't Want One?

Petite Lap Giraffe - OK, they got me! I never fall for scams and look up everything my friends send me, but this one got me - maybe my subconscious was longing for a petite giraffe to be real - IT'S NOT

Say "Hay!"  Posing for the Family Christmas Card -- Saeed al Alawi

MEN who break for paws are a turn on & must be rewarded! A family picture of deers on the road in the dark of the night. Sweet deers, be a sweet man.

Giraffe BFFs

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