OBAMACARE ~~ Micro Chip Implant Coming March 23, 2013 >>> Obamacare requires all U.S. citizens to have RIFD implanted - Perry Stone also has confirmed this info - will be fully implemented worldwide by the end of 2017 - Also, Congressman Ron Paul on Fox News confirms the RFID micro chip is implantable - Also, Brian Williams of NBC reported it could be implanted world wide by 2017 >>> It just gets better all the time!!! ~~~ THANK YOU, AMERICA, for voting Obama in AGAIN!!!! - ARE YOU HAPPY NOW...

Is this our future under Obamacare???

Eerie: Just Before He Died, WATCH what Chris Kyle Said About OBAMA (VIDEO) - The Political Insider

Gene Simmons doesn't hold back on his feelings about Barack Obama. You owe it to yourself to listen to this. Gene Simmons is extremely well informed about the issues. He voted for Obama in the last election, but will NOT do so this time. Obama has not kept his promises and has not had the best intereste of the United States at the forefront of his presidency.

AMERICA IS GONE!! Listen to this… It is over! WAKE UP PLEASE!!!.

THAT IS WHY OBAMA HAD TO GREET THE COFFINS! Can you imagine? Chris Stevens must have been so scared. He applied for MORE support and protection because of the increasing violence of Al Qaeda in the area! His was threatened on Facebook and believed his name was on a Kill List and we left him there!!!! Not only didn't Obama not send him more protection but they called troops back home!!! Obama has the blood of 4 murdered American's on his hands.

quote by Pat Smith (mother of Sean Smith)

Obama Justifies FEMA imprisonment of civilians! - It's called prolonged detention (for pre-crimes)........is this the 800 FEMA camps Jessie Ventura talks about......is it just foreign terroriests that will have prolonged detention without due process or also those US citizens politically opposed to Obama? Lots of answers needed!!!!!!! This video is a MUST WATCH

Brain Surgeon Confirms ObamaCare Rations Care, Has Death Panels! Wake Up AMERICA!!!

NOT LONG AGO...GLENN BECK told us that OBAMA would make CONGRESS irrelevant. Obama has done it TODAY with his new policy of SUBVERTING RULE OF LAW, and allowing ILLEGALS to stay in the U.S. WE THE PEOPLE have said NO to this. CONGRESS has said NO to this. Obama puts it in place for his OWN WELFARE.....VOTES! Call your LEGISLATORS and RAISE THE ROOF. We don't have DICTATORS in the U.S.A. We have a PROCESS to institute laws.


NBC Prediction That We Will All Have an RFID Chip Under Our Skin by 2017

Reagan responds to obama and his supporters


Perfect analogy!!!

ABC: No Protest Outside Libya Consulate Before Attack...It was all a lie..

By 2013, Obamacare MANDATES everyone be chipped. Say NO!!!!! http://www.gotquestions.org/mark-beast.html

Video: Obamacare Death Panels Are Here! -- March 8, 2013 By Daniel Noe -- Neil Cavuto speaks with Dr. Manny Alvarez about a government-funded study outlining a “Mortality Test” for patients.

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