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The Kingoodie Hammer (The London Hammer) The Kingoodie artifact is an object with the characteristics of a corroded iron nail found in a block of sandstone in 1844 in the Kingoodie Quarry in Kingoodie, Scotland. David Brewster reported to the British Association that the nail was found when a rough block of stone was being prepared for dressing. The nail was discovered when the overlying clay was cleared from the stone, with half an inch (12.5 mm) of the nail projecting into the clay

TheMetaPicture.comfrom TheMetaPicture.com

Collection Of Historical Artifacts

Collection Of Historical Artifacts. The ring doesn't look quite right though because the stones are either the wrong cut, or are facing the wrong way.

(Sarakseevo, Russia) ~ In this stone there is man-made baffling object, hidden deep inside, but we are forced to admit that its true purpose and origin remains a mystery. What purpose did it serve? It clearly appears to be a man-made object. There are many more out-of-place artifacts worth examining closer. Some of these objects support the ancient astronauts' theory. Others offer can offer clear evidence vanished civilizations that possessed knowledge or technology more advanced than our own.

Humans were not around 65 million years ago, never mind people who could work metal. So how does science explain metallic tubes dug out of 65-million-year-old Cretaceous chalk in France? In 1885 a block of coal was broken open to find a metal cube obviously worked by intelligent hands. In 1912 employees at an electric plant broke apart a large chunk of coal out of which fell an iron pot! A nail was found embedded in a sandstone block from the Mesozoic Era. And there are many more such anomalies.

Faience amulet in the form of a cat, 664–30 B.C. Late Dynastic–Hellenistic. Egyptian. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The Cesnola Collection, Purchased by subscription, 1874–76 (74.51.4502) #cats

Battery, Baghdad, 250 BCE. The Baghdad Battery is believed to be about 2000 years old (from the Parthian period, roughly 250 BCE to CE 250). The jar was found in Khujut Rabu just outside Baghdad and is composed of a clay jar with a stopper made of asphalt. Sticking through the asphalt is an iron rod surrounded by a copper cylinder. When filled with vinegar - orany other electrolytic solution - the jar produces about 1.1 volts.

In 1898 a stone was found by a Swedish immigrant on his farm near the small village of Kensington, Minnesota. The stone, a small block of a hard sandstone, greywacke, lay clasped in the roots of a young aspen tree. On two of its sides was an inscription in Swedish written in runes telling of how 8 Swedes [‘Goths’] and 22 Norwegians on an exploration journey 14 days west of Vinland had met with disaster. While some men were away fishing, 10 of the others had been killed. The date of this tragedy

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Skilled hunters 300,000 years ago

"Skilled Hunters 300,000 Years Ago ScienceDaily (Sep. 17, 2012) — Finds from early stone age site in north-central Germany show that human ingenuity is nothing new -- and was probably shared by now-extinct species of humans. Archeologists from the University of Tübingen have found eight extremely well-preserved spears -- an astonishing 300,000 years old, making them the oldest known weapons anywhere..."

Baalbek Acropolis in Beirut Lebanon contains three huge stone that are 70 x 14 x 12 feet in size. They weigh approximately 1000 tons each. The quarry was in a distant valley and were moved uphill to their position. A fourth stone, weighing 1400 tons is still in the quarry. The building was never finished and the Romans later built a temple on top of it. It was built around 10,000 to 12,000 BC.

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