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  • Sarah Bergen

    autism awareness

  • Karen Carlo

    Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were more than twice as likely to have been exposed in utero to preeclampsia, and the likelihood of an autism diagnosis was even greater if the mother experienced more severe disease, a large study by researchers with the UC Davis MIND Institute has found.

  • Pam Thompson

    an autistic child sleeping with toy ducks - From his parents’ description on Flickr: We thought the way he was always lining up toys was just a quirky thing he liked to do… but later realized it was a very strong indicator that he had autism. - From Christine - my son Henry was big into that and kinda still does a age 5, but my ASD daughter never really did that.

  • Lisa Dyer

    This so used to be my boy Gavin with his toys. Hr did the same exact thing. Ive read that they line things up to feel secure and in order in a life full of chaos...

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