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This a great closure activity/strategy to any lesson. Students can reflect on their learning....

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How do you plan what you teach? Learn to plan for the whole year, then for specific topics, and then down to the daily lessons. Great advice on planning out your school year.

Cloud inspector for a lesson on weather/clouds!

This would be a social studies lesson. This video is a lesson on pilgrims. It is a video that talks about pilgrims but also makes it easy for the students to understand. I would show this video then have an activity afterwards. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdldCQP1XtDL4cTafY7m-2w?sub_confirmation=1

Super synonyms unit that includes many lessons, whole group activities, centers, sorts, a poster, and writing activity for students. The lesso...

Free literacy lessons for teaching about the U S Constitution

BusyTeacher: Free Printable Worksheets and Lesson Plans For Busy Teachers Like YOU!

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Hundreds of Smartboard Lessons and lesson plans organized by grade and subject. FREE!

A chemistry unit study with LEGOS as models. Free teacher guide, lesson plans, worksheets at link.

Homeschool Resources for K-12 students. Search for a variety of resources including videos, games, lesson plans, and assessments in subject matters including Math, Science, English Language Arts, Social Studies, and many others! Create a lesson Plan today!

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “5 Figurative Language Posters” - Go to The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs for this and hundreds of free lessons. #FreeLesson #TeachersPayTeachers #TPT #LanguageArts http://thebestofteacherentrepreneurs.blogspot.com/2011/11/free-language-arts-lesson-5-figurative.html

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Plan your Preschool Apple Theme Week: Reading, Math, Science, Sensory Craft and MORE Preschool Activities for children ages 3-5. FREE Hands-on Lessons for parents, teachers and homeschooling families!

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Common Core with lesson plans

Causes of the American Revolution Unit: 12 Highly-Engaging Activities and Lessons!