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Just What Does Your State Do Best?

Bring learning into your home by following our blog. We share ideas that we have learned caring for children and providing an enriching after school program in the San Ramon Valley. We hope you find some fun and creative things to do with your children

State Floats! Each scholar researches a state and creates a float. Attach them together and have a parade! (This could also be good for colleges!)

United States -Know Your State Capitals! Classroom Activity w/ 35 Bingo Cards

What a great way to review our US state capitals! All 50 states on slides with their state flag and location in the U. S.

States & Regions Unit

States Regions Unit. Great for teaching the 5 different regions of the United States Regions, States, US, Social Studies

Learning about the Unites States one state at a time. (See Jamie Teach Homeschool)

States of matter Fold and Learn

States of matter and how they go from one state to another state, I may make a little more detailed but nevertheless a great idea. 0358.